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Working Permit Information

  • Minors ages 14 - 17 can stop into the counseling department during the school day to request the employment certificate application forms (AT-17, Application for Employment Certificate and AT-16, Physical Fitness Certification) necessary to receive either a 14/15 year old work certificate or a 16/17 year old work certificate.
  • The applications forms are completed by the counseling department secretary for the minor requesting an employment certificate.  The minor will have a parent sign their consent on Form AT-17, and Form AT-16 has to be completed by either the school nurse or the minor’s physician. 
    • If the school nurse has in her records that the minor has had a physical exam within the last calendar year, the school nurse can complete the form.
    • If the school nurse’s records indicate that the minor’s last physical exam is more than a year old, the minor will need to have a physical exam with his/her doctor, and then the physician can complete Form AT-16 afterwards. 
  • Once the two needed signatures are obtained on the work certificate application forms, the minor can return the signed forms to the counseling department secretary, who will prepare the applicable work certificate for the minor.
  • Minors 16 or 17 years old who no longer attend school may request a full-time employment certificate, which is noted on Form AT-17.  The minor’s parent must appear at the school to sign the consent form in the presence of work certificate issuer if the minor did not graduate from high school.
  • If the minor requesting a work certificate does not attend SFCSD and does not have identifying information in the school district’s data base, the minor will need to bring proof of identification/birth when coming to pick up the application forms.
  • Minors needing work certificate application forms when school is not in session should call the counseling department (315-568-5500) to coordinate a time with either Mrs. Wilkie (phone extension 2150) or Mrs. Neal (phone extension 2154) before coming to school to pick up the work certificate application forms.